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Alice by ZombieSandwich Alice by ZombieSandwich

Please note: The here published version does not officially count as Alice Cullen artwork because I want to retain my rights to my art, this is why this changed version was published here!


Alice Cullen?

Since Twilight the movie celebrated premiere in LA on November 17, I thought it was about time to post this here! :3

A DIFFERENT version of this was painted for Stephenie Meyer.
It shows Alice Cullen (also with her BLACK EYES instead of bright pale gold, as they are here), but I did not go for the one that you saw in the movie.
I wanted to depict my own vision of her as I had imagined her by reading the books, and that's what came out of it.
I tried to stick to the colors that were descriped with her and with an elegenat style, because it was said that Alice seems to be into fashion, since she would dress Bella all day if she had a chance to.

PS: My favorite book of Stephenie is "The Host"
PPS: I would suggest everyone to get the english books no matter where you live. They are just so much better than the translated stuff!
PPPS: Please don't tell me anything about the FOURTH BOOK from the series here. I had no chance to read it yet.

Thank you!!


*Background pattern was created form a stockphoto from angelcurioso.
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November 20, 2008
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