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December 18, 2008
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Fashion Diva by ZombieSandwich Fashion Diva by ZombieSandwich

This is Fashion Victim's big sister. I was inspired much by some fashion shots (Niguyen) and Ponsonnet' works who always shares Ballistic Publishing submission pages with me. She also is the second one of a series that features emotion. Here we have a strict kind of emotion, that I currently use as self portrait at several places because it also resembles what I am.

If Melanie Delon knew about this... she painted me once. And it was absolutely beautiful. I was highly impressed by how she sees "the blue woman"... since I could never paint something that sensitive. So she was actually able to see another part of me people hardly see... You can actually find the painting when you take a good look around.

I am thinking of making a free tutorial for this kind of leather. Would you like it? It basically is pretty easy to paint because you just need a base and a textured brush. What do you guys think?
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