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I will let you guys know once they are opened again. :)

People have been asking me recently if I am doing commissions again.
The answer is: yes! :) However, I can only offer limited slots which I am giving away via Patreon.
If you want to learn more, please read on:

PATREON is a great way for artists to get supported for the art that they really want to do.
I am using Patreon to experiment on new projects and painting styles.
Lately I am also using it to offer small bust commissions since it is a quick, easy and secure way to work together. :)

About bust commissions:
- Paintings feature one character with a simple background
- Either a facial portrait
- Or a hip shot
- Style can vary between more realistic or more towards anime
- Those are "smaller" paintings, so the amount of detail isn't as big as on my regular/ big paintings (since this would take longer and would be too expensive.)

You can sign up for commission slots here: Go to

Style examples:
       Tracer Overwatch by ZombieSandwich       

Space DVA by ZombieSandwich

Earth by ZombieSandwich


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Hello everyone!!

So as some of you probably already know we have launched our Indiegogo a little more than one week ago.
Now the thing is that the big story about the Indiegogo is to sale our figurine, but we are also offering extras such as mugs, pillows and bags.
(Because we are mainly using the Indiegogo to have a certain timeframe for the first badge of orders.)

And here comes my question:
I noticed that a lot of people actually like the mugs, bags, etc, but they don't know that you can get them without having to purchase a figurine.
I have worked on the perks a lot to make this all easier to understand, (for instance I have created a perk that combines mug and bag and includes shipping, because some people commented on that), but perhaps there is something I do not see that I could do to make this part even easier to understand.

Is there somebody around here who would like to take a look and give me some input/ feedback? :)
Here is the link to the campaign:

BTW, for a quick overview.
This is the figurine:          And these are the extras that I was talking about:
 Minotaura-Girl Figurine by ZombieSandwichIndiegogo Extras by ZombieSandwich
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I thought that all the bad blood about ACUnity was kinda overhyped. Then I found out by accident that SONY itself actually is part of the problem of why everyone is complaining. Here is the story - which at first was supposed to be a review about the game - but now turned into a rant about HOW THE FUCK someone can sell a product that expensive and care so little if it is actually working properly.

Note: AC3 and AC4 also had bugs in the past which I actually found quite funny and I started collecting them.
With ACUnity I went on bug hunt aswell and since I lately got an Instagram account, you can see the best bugs here:
None of those bugs EVER broke the game. NEVER EVER.

And one must say that ACUnity is truly beautiful and I had SO MUCH FUN exploring the city, unlocking new stuff and playing online with friends (as long as this was possible because of NAT-Type problems which I will mention later). I even got the "Legend" status after finishing the main story which is like the highest rank in the game. I felt kinda proud of myself and was ready to explore the online realms of this game further, when IT happend...


There is an error known to  ps4 users since January 2014. The code reads "CE-34787-0" and it basically means that the system ate your savegame and you can't play the game any longer. It is something that Sony is aware of and that seems to happen RANDOMLY. Meaning, yes ACUnity is glitchy at some point, but some research did reveal to me quite quickly, that the very same happened with many other games - SINCE JANUARY 2014!!! - and Sony hasn't done anything yet to actually fix the problem.
Their advice is to whipe the console clean and reinstal the entire firmware, just to run risk to encounter the very SAME bug yet again!! This can't be it so I am backupping all my savegames from now on!!

Some people have been asking me how to do this so here we go:
- Plug a USB Stick to your ps4
- Go to Settings
- Go to "Application Saved Data Management"
- Choose: "Saved Data in System Storage"
- Choose "Upload to Online Storage" - OR "copy to USB Storage Device
It feels a little odd to have to do such steps with a freshly bought console and I sincerely hope that Ubisoft permits the download of savegames onto a USB device. (Note: This did not work with AC2 for instance. I backupped my AC2 savegame as I once had to reinstall my ps3 system software and after that all savegames but the AC2 savegame did work, because Ubisoft was afraid that users could do - whatever - with their bacupped savegames  and displayed some sort of message that basically told me how their savegames could not be transfered  -__-)


Here is something else that I want you to be aware of if you plan to play ACUnity on a ps4 WITH YOUR FRIENDS:
The entire AC series has always had "problems" regarding online playing when it came to NAT-Types.  It just didn't occur until our household got a ps4 that I noticed how these problems seem to be partly manufactured by Sony itself.
NAT for dummies: NAT-Type basically means how "open" your router or modem is to other devices connecting to it for online purposes. You can either have NAT1, NAT2, or NAT3, with NAT3 being the most restricted and NAT1 being the most open one.

(How do you know which NAT-Type you are? Your ps4 will tell you.
Go to Settings -> Network -> Test Internet Connection. It will list your NAT-Type there.
For ACUnity to work online, you need to be at least NAT-Type 2)

Let's compare ACUnity to GTAV:
In GTAV a server from Rockstar is is the host, all players connect to this server and play together on this server.
(Pro: Everyone can usually play together. Con: When Rockstar decides to stop running servers, players can't play together any longer)
In ACUnity one player serves as host, and other players connect to them. When the NAT-Type of those players isn't compatible, they can't play together.
(Pro: Players can always play together Con: When players aren't "compatible" they can't play together, and another con: You have to connect to Ubisoft servers (-____-) before you can play together and then host a game by yoruself, so when Ubisoft servers are down, you cannot take any advantage of the fact that you could theoretically host the game by yourself. -___-)

And here now comes the weirdest aspect about the NAT-Type thing (Something which seems to be ONCE AGAIN Sony related): I wanted to play with a friend. In the beginning I was NAT3 and he was NAT2. On a ps4 people can invite each other to "parties" and then talk via headset.
As long as I was NAT3 and he was NAT2, we could hang out in a "party" and talk, but we could not play ACUnity together. To specify, I couldn't reach ACUnity online services AT ALL as long as I was NAT3, so I switched to NAT2.
(This requires you to open ps4 ports manually on your router. I advice to conduct a tutorial before you try it.)

I then was able to access ACUnity online servers, but I couldn't talk to my friend any longer, and we still couldn't play together. Whenever we tried to hook up, we got a "NAT-Type not compatible" message which was really weird, because we are now basically on the same NAT-Type. I can play with random people, and he can, too. I can also play with another friend of mine. Just not with that specific friend EVENTHOUGH we are the same NAT and EVEN from the same country.
So this is a mistery we still need to solve - and one that isn't new to AC games at all. I just wasn't aware so far, that the Sony system seems to play a role when it comes to this problem, too.


The first AC game to have horses with the anatomy SOMEWHAT working.... just don't look at their walk cicles or you want to put the poor things out of their misery.
Beautiful statues, beautiful art, perfect colors in nature... THIS GAME IS EFFIN, EFFIN beautiful!
Only AC game ever (besides AC2's Venice) I spent the most time in walking. Walking, not running. Thinking about what palace or place I shall visit next and just AWWEEE at its interiors. Does a good job in schooling you to stalk a building for the best place to break in (do I climb up to the roof? Or rather a window? WIll I lockpick a door? etc...)
Different outfits actually come with different perks which I kinda liked because it means you wouldn't switch outfits for the sake of having something new to dress but also because this or that outfit was working better for what you currently wanted to do.
A lot of different fighting styles for melee weapons that all feel slightly different in their handling and so you can also find out what style suits you best.
I like that the online gameplay seems to deal a lot with problem solving, so the ones who run in the fastest and try to kill the most actually usually aren't the most successful.
I like that the longer missions, especially the ones towards the end offer a lot of opportunities to fool around and complete extra tasks. That makes it fun to explore the area and do something more than just ging in and killing the target.
The murder mysteries (CSI AC XD) seem to be really cool. I sadly hadn't much of a chance to play them because of my destroyed savegame.
The single gameplay evolved in a way that a lot of behavior that usually made sense when playing online against real people is now making sense in the single player, too.
The crowd scenes are really impressive. Though, when you fool around too much it can literally "blow" your cover, since the crowd will burst away then and you end up with nothing to hide. XD

Some skills get overwritten once you purchase new ones (disguise for instance) and can only be brought back once you play the tutorial for them.

Further facts about the french revolution are shown to you within online missions, the single player mainly focuses on Arno's and Elise's Dan Brown like conspiracy blahblah story. -It was entertaining, though not ground breaking-
SO if you want to play offline you won't really feel like you learned anything about the french revolution at all and might also feel kinda confused about the whole conspiracy bs going on.
Important historic events are happening kinda in the background of the main story. That sort of made it even hard for me -a fan of that era - to identify at times what was currently going on (other than what Arno and Elise were currently up to...)
You get ranks. That's cool, but the game doesn't explain what you have to do to get them. For instance I would like to know why I have a higher rank than a friend of whom I'd think that he generally plays better than I do. If the online gameplay kinda measures comparable to what the old games did (not quantity but quality of kills) I would like to be able to read this up somewhere.
It takes quite long to load. That is probably something that can't be helped, though. :/ I used the waiting time to check my Instagram. XD

Disguise was fun in online play in the past, but executed in Unity in a way that it doesn't make sense. When I walk (not run, which means I am already successfully blending) away from an angry mob that is chasing me, and am wearing a uniform that blends me perfectly and instantly with a crowd, and I then take on a disguise, then it makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE, that I get discovered anyways, just because some of the angry mob guys cross my path by accident. If I had moved or drawn my weapon, then this would have made sense. Otherwise it makes the disguise option completely obsolete. One could compare this to the good old times when real people played against each other online and used this feature: When you didn't act up you usually weren't discovered, unless the other person did use certain skills to uncover you. (Or was just that effin good at the game.)

You need to level up before you can do certain missions, which is OK, because there are only 5 level stages ( XD) this can become hindering when you want to play online and don't really have many skills unlocked. While on the other hand a lot of points for unlocking skills get literally thrown into your face once you play online...
points... there are like 4 different types of them and I still confuse them.
As if Uplay wasn't enough, you now have to sign up to even one more platform "Initials", to be able to open certain chests - WHYEVER?!? Some stuff then again is only available once you download the companion app. Which I did, but the app couldn't find my ps4 so most of its features became useless to me.... :/

No minigames like Fanorona anymore. I miss my Fanorona T__T

I would have really loved to play the game today as I had a 2 hours break. Now I can't because of... Sony.
I hope that this rant can be of help to some other people, and be it just for the tutorial on how to backing up your savegames.
AND IF ANYONE AROUND HERE HAS SOLVED THE NAT TYPE PROBLEM that my friend and I are currently encountering, then I would be MORE THAN HAPPY if they could let me know! :)

Featuring: The only AC Fanart I ever made eventhough I own all the games. XD

Assassin's Creed 4 Edward Kenway (Revised) by ZombieSandwich
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Journal Entry: Thu Oct 16, 2014, 3:35 PM
Probably my longest blog entry ever (lol) XD

I am currently experimenting with Instagram to have a place for posting WIP's and stuff.

(I also want to know if you guys are using Instagram, so please feel free to just leave a comment below. :) )

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I'VE GOT ENOUGH of attention whores who call themselves "feminists" and discuss OVER MY HEAD what should be "good“ for me ( as a woman) or what I should be "enraged“ of / about without even taking into concern what I WANT, WHAT I HAVE TO SAY or WHAT REALLY BOTHERS ME!
(Disclaimer: since some did not seem to understand what/ whom I was referring to. I obviously said "wannabe feminists" to describe a small but loud group of people that only use feminism to promote themselves. I was looking for a word to not become needlessly insultive, so I chose "wannabe" to point out how they are fake. Those fakes are to differ from people who really work on helping society when it comes to feminism and/ or gender equality, which from my point of view affects every gender, not just women.)

Today I witnessed another one of these derailed discussions which basically resulted in people arguing about what we should feel offended about.
They were talking about an online advertisement for Pizza that showed the photograph of a woman's face to promote their shop.
The problem to me was not so much the advertising campaign, but that those people where so busy with wanking about what awesome feminists they are, that most, if not all comments that were made by women, who actually wanted to talk about the initial subject, got ignored.

Instead everyone could see long comment strands of wannabe feminists generally abusing the topic to make themselves look like heroes.

You could compare it to two people standing next to a river where someone is drowning. The person drowning is screaming for help, but the two wankers are so busy DEMONSTRATING TO EACH OTHER what awesome life savers they are, that they COMPLETELY FORGET ABOUT THE PERSON REALLY IN NEED and so this person DROWNS.

The problem with examples like the lady's face is, that it is called to be sexist because she is brought in connection with tasty things (Pizza),
and we would have to define now if this is actually offensive, or if the author of mentioned post was only fishing for clicks/ comments.
Further on this example can easily seem pulled out of the hat because 1. we do not know if the picture changes once the page gets refreshed (this usually happens on German websites for food) 2. tasty can also refer just to Pizza. Most people (no matter what gender) seem to be focused on the food mainly when looking for it, than on the person pictured there... (At least I am really striving for a Pizza right now. XD) So since they are already about to buy something from this shop, the shop doesn't really need any additional "sex sells" mechanism in order to "convince" people to stay with them.

However, eventhough posting the picture with the asian woman would have been a lot more obvious and surely a lot more easy to understand, one can of course complain about the portrait shown on the left. Under the "right" circumstances it can be seen as offensive. And it is free to them to see it as such. So that is not the problem.

The problem is the behavior of the people involved who demonstrated through their actions that they were fake.
They were not interested into the women who showed up and whom they claimed to "protect". They were not interested into those who asked questions that would have helped everyone else to learn more about the subject. They were not interested into those who posted links to related articles so everyone could learn.

All they were interested in was finding someone who would be dumb enough to mention, how they found the portrait example a little too over the top. This does not mean that those people are against feminism per se. It only means that they would have more understanding why someone would think the asian bikini woman was offensive, than the portrait showing just a smiling woman.

So once somebody came in who looked even remotely like he would put critique onto the entire thing, he was forcefully pushed into a corner. Because finding a bad guy to demonstrate how needed our heroes were was more important, than engaging into the parts of the discussion that were actually meant to educate and share information/ knowlege.
All he wrote was a suggestion to contact the company. Because he was a man, what he said was wrong automatically. Some comments later a woman said the same thing and it was suddenly the right thing to do. Their reaction was based on his gender, and on demonstrating why they were needed to fight for "us" (women) rather than on actually engaging a useful discussion.

This is how you can quite easily spot a "wannabe". Their fighting becomes more important than actually sharing education.

When will any of those WANNABE FEMINISTS stop abusing this subject for the sake of self promotion?

It pisses me off that when something really bothers me, I cannot really discuss it anymore because everyone is already so annoyed by the screaming for attention of those wannabe feminists. Wannabes who care about themselves and about being seen and getting attention more than about what would really help the person in question!

So what does bother me? And what is my opinion?

WegdeMistkacke by ZombieSandwich

Well, here comes my personal opinion.

And for the record: I don't think that I am brainwashed, and I don't think that my husband is sexist just because he doesn't write about feminism on his facebook wall each day. The way he is treating me and everyone around him already shows what "real feminism“ in that sense means. It doesn't need a facebook wanker to help women!

Personal opinion continued:

On attached example we see 4 pictures of advertisements and 1 that I am not sure of if it is real propaganda or a parody.
Speaking about the 4 advertisment images, all 4 are put in contrast to each other. First comes the Pizza advertisement.
The woman on the left one is a woman enjoying Pizza. As a woman I might even go so far as to identify with her and think "Hey, she is happy! This must be some great Pizza.“ She is neither naked nor lying on top of the Pizza, so I do actually not mind what I am seeing there.
The "asian weeks“ example is a different one, however. I guess one can clearly see the difference. On the left, we actually see the woman's face, on the right, she is reduced to her body.

So my personal opinion in this case is, if those people had actually argued about the picture on the right, I'd been completely with them. That they chose the left one made them look too much like attention whores, which probably was more to their disadvantage.

Let's take a look at the "" pictures below now.

Those were placed next to each other this summer and I took photographs of them. Man and woman are directly compared to each other because both adverts were shown next to each other, too. The man is depicted relaxing on the beach while of the woman all we see is her ass and a lewd headline.
Do I have to say more?

Now WHERE would be the difference between showing a woman's face and a woman's ass I ask you? Do I have to be offended about everything lately just because it is hip and cool?

Do I have to condemn the heforshe idea because it supposedly excludes all the other possible sexes and therefore is „binary“? Or should I see it for an attempt to have everyone work together?

Fighting for something is OK.

And of course I, too, have faced problems connected to sexism before, and of course I am lucky that I was born in a rich country, and OF COURSE whenever I get in contact with old stereotypes (like that propaganda picture) and badly "written" hollywood movies, I am annoyed.
The thing just is: The entire thing is a little more complicated and complex than that.
Men fighting over what should be good for us women without actually really LISTENING to us is as harmful to us as everything they claim would be harmful for us.
Women fighting about all that they want without listening to men and paying no attention to their fears and feelings is WRONG the same way.
And wannabe feminists abusing that subject to get THEMSELVES GETTING PROMOTED is the least helpful thing at all!

Those kinda people are not getting "attacked“ because they are feminists, or because they are fighting for a minority, but because everyone can see that THOSE CERTAIN individuals are only abusing feminism to gain clicks (attention), and money.
They are not about us, they are all about themselves, and they abuse women to gain attention and money. They are not much better than those they are constantly attacking for being sexist and they destroy the work of real feminists out there who don't even dare using this word anymore, because it has been so poisoned lately by those fakers!


Metal Gear Solid V: Big Quiet Boss XD by ZombieSandwich

Not too long ago I made this parody of Big Boss. It was featured on Kotaku, The Escapist, on Reddit, and basically all over the internet.

When this painting was created, I actually had no idea what huge fights are currently going on on the internet when it comes to games. I have been creating parody images featuring the MGS realm for about 12 years now, however, none of them had ever gotten huge attention, because "times where different". So knowing this game saga pretty well, I was mainly meaning to say "Hey Kojima, knowing your humor it would be funny to have this outfit as a wearable option for him in the game. Make a stupid joke... you know something like the 'Raikov' statement or something like this."
(Let me add here for those who are not familar with the MGS realm: Being able or even forced to play naked MALE characters is nothing new in this series. Sometimes it really helps to get educated properly about something first before complaining about it.)

However, as this went viral and I received more and more inquiries it started to dawn on me that something had changed within the gaming world, and this is when I started to discover this current... "war" going on.
It would have been easy to piggyback and play the feminism card. Say that I got "attacked" by people disagreeing with this outfit displayed on a man because I was a woman.
The thing is: MY GENDER IS IRRELEVANT once it comes to this entire discussion in this case.
And it is funny enough that most people actually discussed the size of his pack. (And how I supposedly designed it too small. XD)

1. It is a piece of art, it stands for itself.
2. I am actually a fan and am really playing those games, so piggybacking the feminism card would make me one of those wannabe feminists who abuse the debate to get attention.
3. Just a very very small number of people actually became insultive over that. I know that because I have been a part of the MGS fandom myself. I know their way of talking and I am familar with its insiders and jokes.
4. As a woman, I do not feel insulted by that because I know that it has nothing to do with my gender. It has something to do with the game and the jokes being displayed within it.
And further on, the year is 2014. If they don't want to see a man in tights then it is their right to say that. By no way does this automatically also mean that they wish to insult me.
As much as I am free to express whatever I want in the year of 2014, so are they.
Making a statement about one thing does NOT MEAN having to automatically censor the other!

Which leads me to 5:

ACTUALLY PLAYING and therefore knowing the games one is talking about would be VERY HELPFUL in order to decide if you want to feel offended or not.
ESPECIALLY if you call yourself a JOURNALIST or a well followed individual who is writing long opinion pieces.
(This does not exclude you from having an opinion, just be aware that you are making yourself very easy to attack in reagrds to the "you have no idea" comments once you seem to come around the corner as someone who judges based on prejustices. (this applies to nearly every subject by the way. ))

What is happening right now is like reading the first 20 pages of a book, watch only 10 minutes of a movie, or listen to only the beginning of a speech,  and judge the entire thing based only on only that part.
This is very comparable on judging another person mainly based on prejustices.
This sort of discussion is helping noone because it is lacking facts and empathy for each other.
It is doomed to fail.


(Because one can never rant enough XD)

Do I think all gaming developers are assholes? Do I fail to see the lacking parody in, for instance, games produced by Rockstar?
No and nope.

Because I actually bothered PLAYING THE ENTIRE GAME (GTAV, multiplayer INCLUDED) instead of only looking at it for 5 minutes and then only using the bits that could be used well to promote "me“ and my image as a wannabe feminist.

"But I don't have to play the entire game to form an opinion, it is too time consuming anyways."
"And I am a slow reader. Do I go about and write huge opinion pieces about books I haven't read? What would people think about my credibility if I did that?"
See it like that: Once you actually spend time with something to see it through, you are helping your cause, because you can "shut up" all those people easily who claim that you have no idea what you are talking about. It also helps to undermine that you aren't abusing feminism to promote yourself, but that you are really one of those who have something to say and want to actually help people.

Yes it bothered me a little that Michael's family was all so dumb.
However, notice: They were DUMB AS A WHOLE. Not just the women. His son.... don't get me started! What an idiot!
If this weren't parody in a way, if it actually were portraying the average american family, then we'd seriously have a lot more problems to talk about than only the part showing the women. Honestly.


Thor by ZombieSandwich

I am a woman (yes) and I am grown up. And no, I am not brainwashed by the male society.
I actually had to fight a lot because the business I decided to work in, and the hobbies I have, are dominated by men.
Ironically in most cases it were NOT THE MEN I had to fight with.  In most cases it were entities like family, especially the female members, (you are not supposed to have a computer, you are not supposed to play games, you are not supposed to draw action scenes, and so on, blablabla) and people who were yet too young and/ or immature to understand that a girl might have her own head. Men usually respect people with skills and they tell you bluntly, without any hidden meaning underneath the original message, what they actually want from you. I like that about men. Yes, they "lack" empathy here and there and they tend to be childish at times. However, constantly fighting them about this might put you into playing mother for them - which I personally hate. So I rather talk to them and see how we can solve things together instead.

What I consider a lot more of a problem is what some people call "the pink discrimination".

It is related to how we raise and treat girls and what we encourage them to do. It is something we have to work on together, as parents, and as people.

And that means that this equality you are looking for can only work once we stop fighting each other.
Instead of putting movements like heforshe under critique for being "binary", and gain some clicks because you said someting arousing about there being "more than two genders", ask yourself, dear wannabe feminist, what happens to men, no matter what gender they currently might have, now a days who actually want to support women by leaving the classic ways?

For instance: How easy is it, society wise, for a man to stay at home while the woman goes to work?
The couple (BOTH!) will receive a lot of weird commentary for society. The woman will be called a bad mother because she is leaving her children, the father will be called a loser because he is staying at home instead of working. (There are some excellent documentaries around this.)
OR let's imagine a gay couple. What problems would they face?

So, to come to an end of this rant, this is why I need no wannabe feminists deciding for me what I should or should not feel offended about.
Because those kind of people, that truely are only about themselves, are abusing women for their goals just the same as the "sexists" are.
They are derailing everybody's attention from the real problems and then real victims drown unnoticed.


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I know nothing about Doctor Who

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 27, 2013, 5:16 AM

Ok first of all: SHAME ON ME!!

Second: Fans of Doctor Who, please don't leave me now! Thing is I want to make a Doctor Who fan very happy this XMas, and therefore I didn't just want to paint "something random".

So all you fans of Doctor Who: Do you want to jump in and tell me something about your favorite subject? I am mainly interested into things that make the Doctor awesome! :3


Maleficent Portrait + Video by ZombieSandwich
LET'S PAINT! by ZombieSandwich
Daenerys Targaryen (Study) With Videos by ZombieSandwich
Ellie - The Last Of Us by ZombieSandwich
Mako Mori Study With Video by ZombieSandwich

I gave you pumpkins and you wanted a Snake

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 31, 2013, 8:03 AM
Seriously DA, you're an awesome community!

There I spent days to finally get something done for Halloween, at least this year, I thought, and I had this funny pumpkin idea, so I painted this: Happy Halloween (Some Art Nouveau Thingy XD) by ZombieSandwich

but you guys found my Naked Snake instead and decided that he makes for a much better - and more awesome Halloween costume!Metal Gear Solid V: Big Quiet Boss XD by ZombieSandwich

Thanks a lot for supporting "Quiet Boss", since it means the world to me to see my male art being seen with so much love, and I would die to have this outfit available for him in the next MGS game. XD

Huge thanks also go to and for making this a Daily D on my favorite day of the year!! :heart:

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DA Points? I don't get it.

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 12, 2012, 7:30 PM
:icontrollfaceplz: Hey Zombie, have you seen that new function already?

:iconzombiesandwich: Er... no? o_O

:icontrollfaceplz: You can sell artsy stuff for points. :D

:iconzombiesandwich: OK... and what stuff?

:icontrollfaceplz: Tutorials, brushes... etc.

:iconzombiesandwich:  And what sense does this make?

:icontrollfaceplz: Artists keep 80% of their profit. And you can support your favourite content creators.

:iconzombiesandwich: Wow 80%! Judging by what I've experienced so far about royalties and evil BUY OUT contracts, keeping 80% really sounds like A LOT!

:icontrollfaceplz: Problem?

:iconzombiesandwich: Well srsly trollfriend, I would love to support my favourite content creators, but I can't get how this is supposed to work. I hope it doesn't end up with everyone fighting everyone again because of "illegal" downloads or something? XD

:icontrollfaceplz: Wellthen let's ask our friends what they think about it. I'll make a journal, and you'll make a journal, too. :D

:iconzombiesandwich: OK. So, because of my little Skype talk I am really curios to see what stuff people will put up for points and if this will actually create a new wave of high quality content creations... or not.

What do you guys think about it? :)

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Journal Entry: Fri May 25, 2012, 7:08 PM
Want one? :icontrollfaceplz:

Then let me know. ^^

(BTW, yes I am bored. For months and months and months I didn't really have time to do anything or write a cool new journal entry... so it'll be Lamas for now...)

Oh... btw... after watching The Avengers, do you think Ironman is still the coolest of them all? ;D

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Do you actually go to cinema more often...

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 23, 2012, 5:05 PM
... when the film is shown in Stereao 3D?

I was just wondering because I came to notice that I am indeed going to cinema again more often since so many films are coming out in Stereo 3D. Of course it is always a bit disappointing when I discover films that weren't really shot in S3D amd made into some "fake" S3D in post production.
In such films I don't really "feel" the effect at all because their pacing usually is so fast that you can't have a heavy S3D effect anyways.

However, I was very delighted with those films that really were made for the purpose of S3D and enjoyed watching them. Especially because Stereo 3D requires you to work with a different pacing and that is creating a lot of unique appraoches.

Of course we all know that S3D is another attempt to lure more people back into cinema so my general question is now: Did it work?

What do you think? o_O

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AC Revelations Online Anyone?

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 7, 2012, 9:37 AM
I used to know a lot of adventurers who played AC Revelations online, but then they got Skyrim.... XD

No srsly... it seems like most people have switched over to Skyrim meanwhile. Is there anyone left on DA who still likes playing the good "old" Assassin's Creed Revelations? (And online, too? :) )

Because I love the online mode and would like to chat about it a little.
My personal opinion is that it turned out much better than the online mode in AC Brohood. I like that you can reach beyond 50 levels now - there always seems to be something left to do so it makes sense to come back. The old multiplayer seemed to be pretty much finished when you reached level 50 because everything was pretty much unlocked by then. In the new multiplayer you gather Abstergo credits and can decide yourself what you want to unlock and when. (Inspite of some character skins, for which they still want you to play a certain amount of levels before you can buy them.) It is also cool that you can see what sessions results you made and can compare and challenge with friends, the new modes are so much fun, and so on and so on.... XD

Though, in team modes it still seems to be a problem that group 1 ALWAYS gets filled with new players first (no matter if group 2 onl consist of one player and would badly need "reinforcements") and it is also bugging me a little that there is no auto balancing that equals group sizes when people leave during a session.

But these are just some minir points because I love the multiplayer soooo much! :heart:
So how about you guys? What do you like or not like about it and what are your favourite modes? :)

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What did you get for Xmas? :3

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 28, 2011, 12:06 PM
Hey folks, I just came back from some nice days at Praha and Vienna.
How have you been? What have you got for christmas? :)

My boyfriend got me this… (XD) and I accepted the challenge.
And indeed I already managed to read 300 pages.

Must admit I expected it to be very trashy but it indeed includes a lot of useful stuff about the film and tv industry since Hoff was one of the producers for the worlds most succesful tv show for a decade.
Last but not least, he was my hero when I watched Knight Rider as a child, so he deserves my deepest respect.

Anyways, enough about the Hoff, and fitting into a german klischee here. ;) I also got lots of other books for christmas among them simon's cat vol. 2 and some other things, including some awesome clothes form Designual and a lovely Michael Kors bag (really hard to get around here).

Now it's up to you to share what presents you've got. :)

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Let's make some anime plots :D

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 25, 2011, 3:19 PM

seek vengeance on
to defeat evil warlods from Neptune."

You have just been reading a phrase from the ANIME PLOT GENERATOR. A friend (Mia >_>) linked this one on Facebook and I think it is AWESOME.

Wanna try it out?
Here it is:…

(Don't forget to quote the plot it spit out for you here! :3)

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Stupid Songs - and anime plot generator

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 6, 2011, 9:04 AM
OK now this might sound a little retarded but: I am looking for funny and stupid songs for my happy song library.

So if you got any cool, happy, funny or retarded songs - PLEASE SHARE THEM HERE!!! - and we can make everyone happy. :)
I will do my best to post up a giant collection! :D

EDIT: WoW so much great fun stuff came up around here. Thanks goes out to everyone for linking! :heart:


(As DA made their journal system update) However, you can still find it here:… XD

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Real Dual Core Mac?

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 20, 2011, 4:14 PM
I am asking because... I would like to put some of my programs (such as Photoshop XD) on the second core of my Mac and I honestly don't have the slightest idea how to do that. o_O
(Please bear with me, I am not all that bad, at least with Windows machines I know. XD)

Other than that, my boyfriend told me (yeah I know, typical gender klischee *___*) that there are models with real cores and virtual cores - how do I find out what is the case for my Mac, and could I really make it faster when putting the Software to the other core that is "virtual"?

So I thought I'd ask here, perhaps some of you happy people knows. :3

By the way, I got nothing too special to report about my life lately. However, I am always happy to see you guys on Facebook and Blogspot :3


Oh... and I totally forgot: ADAM JENSEN DOES THE SAFETY DANCE!!!111one… Keep rocking!! XD

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New drawings, videos and blah ,)

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 12, 2011, 5:29 AM
Hi guys, I am planning to have a little internet vacation from most of my platforms once again since some of our  TV shows go on their next season now and demand a lot of work.

If you guys would like to keep in touch, here are some links to my REAL profiles out there. I will be happy to see you around. ;)

My drawings, master studies and painting videos on blogspot:

My Livestream with many nice new videos:… , Facebook:

These are my 3 favourites. Tumblr and Twitter are embedded below this journal. See you around. ;)

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Today We Won't Die Of Art

Sun Jul 3, 2011, 11:07 PM
With this journal I would like to motivate those of you who are afraid to express themselves through art.
You are given a gift that you can use without worry because we live in this very modern world that grants us a lot of freedom. And I become upset when I see people being afraid to use this gift because of others:

There were times at which an artist had to fear for his life should he dare to express something "not fitting the society he lived in". And even now a days we still have countries that threaten artists and journalists lives should they speak up too clearly.

Just because everybody does it, does not mean it is right. That is why artists in modern times for example are around to watch and give critic . (Ai Wei Wei is a very good example)

Yet again the fear, that I just wittnessed today again with a dear friend, which is a fear I very much dislike because it is the fear of being bashed for expressing your thoughts can be very terrifying, too.
Especially when in theory, you are not going to do anything that could specifically be considered „wrong".

Do we do art just to let others dictate what we can or can't do?
As a pure show of skill, proving it over and over, again and again?
Or is it a way to express our thoughts and feelings?

I always thought art, unless bought, which makes it a craft, was there to serve the artist, as his „window to the world" to put it in some pretty words. Please pardon me, if I am wrong.

We have a good bunch of wonderful people around here with a big knowlege of art and art history who I think would never put anyone down just for expressing himself. But this is just my thought on it, as I thinkthat everybody should be allowed to epxress his personal art however he wants.

All of you have this phantastic freedom to express anything you want.
A freedom that so many did not have. And that some still don't have.
But you have it, so go and make your art and don't be afraid of being different.

Last but not least, let's see this journal the artistic and modern way: If you do not approve with what I express through this writing or consider it utter nonsense, then you are free to walk away, shall you have nothing constructive to say.

You'll find me on Facebook here: And on Livestream there:

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"In many ways, the work of a critic is easy. We risk very little yet enjoy a position over those who offer up their work and their selves to our judgment.

We thrive on negative criticism, which is fun to write and to read. But the bitter truth we critics must face, is that in the grand scheme of things, the average piece of junk is probably more meaningful than our criticism designating it so.

But there are times when a critic truly risks something, and that is in the discovery and defense of the new.

The world is often unkind to new talent, new creations, the new needs friends. Last night, I experienced something new, an extraordinary meal from a singularly unexpected source. To say that both the meal and its maker have challenged my preconceptions about fine cooking is a gross understatement. They have rocked me to my core. In the past, I have made no secret of my disdain for Chef Gusteau's famous motto: Anyone can cook.

But I realize, only now do I truly understand what he meant. Not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere. It is difficult to imagine more humble origins than those of the genius now cooking at Gusteau's, who is, in this critic's opinion, nothing less than the finest chef in France. I will be returning to Gusteau's soon, hungry for more."

- Anton Ego; Ratatoullie


Talking about film business:

I had to free my brain somehow from some thoughts that came up when we had a meeting at work today. This meeting was very frustrating because it showed why so many good and new solutions are never brought on screen or produced in any way. The quote I would want to describe this with is from a film, because this fits. Ratatoullie.

I am always very disappointed when I see so called critiques tear films apart for the sake of tearing them apart. There are screenings in LA for instance which are very important to how the film gets finally edited and brought to screen, so it is indeed us who need to change, not just the industry. And in most cases when you just look behind it, you see that all these solutions nobody is really happy with come from a big gab of the industries not understanding each other.

They all want 3D, but they are not willing to understand or hone how it works. They all want illustrations, or designwork, or ideas or screenplays done but don't hone it either. Films made after video games often fail because the movie people think they know better, and the gaming people think they know, better, too. In the end it is often than just about selling the license.

TV Stations and Studios are often run by the old and traditional people who ware afraid of everything new, which the younger ones want to develope and bring on screen. Therefore they put stones and stones and stones in front of the feet of the young ones and often it ends in a solution that is less painful for them all - but that nobody is happy with, either. New shows are not developed in house but bought from other countries were they have been tested before because everyone fears the risk of spending money for something new which may not work.

I found out that this intolerance to the new usually comes from fear, which not always might be connected to money but also to the lack of will to change what has already been established and worked so far - even when it is not working that well anymore today.

Or recently...
I heard somebody say that men are better than women. Women suck. What would proof this? That all films with a female lead would have bad screenplays. It was really hard for me to not jump into his face, to ask him WTF is going wrong with him and why he says such bullshit of women being superior to men in that manner. When there are no screenplays written for women because of certain structures in the industry that does not mean women are bad, it just means that producers and studios think men sell better. For God's sake. -__-

So in so many ways, it is true to me that being a critic is so easy, but looking behind how things really are structured means work that "nobody" wants to bear, but "everyone" wants to be a critiq.

Find the mistake here.

For me that means that several awesome and new ideas developed by my department will probably never make it on screen for the next couple of years. That is so very sad.
Sorry, I just had to get that off my chest! .___.


Feel free to visit me on Livestream anyways :)…
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PLZ accounts Please!!!

Fri May 20, 2011, 5:52 PM

And then post me a funny comment with some PLZ accounts that popped into your mind while listening!!! (Something like:… )

Gooooooooooooooooooo! :3

PS: My LIVESTREAM Channel… Please enjoy :)

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Ah well...

Tue May 17, 2011, 2:13 PM
...nothing much going on here I am pretty tired from a long day of work.

And my old journal was silly so... what are you guys up to?
I am watching TV now and doing my best to relax a little. :)

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